The innovative impact-free lumbar cage for a quick and easy insertion coupled with a very precise positioning.

Features & Benefits

Trabeculated titanium obtained by Electron Beam Melting.

EBM is a 3D metal print technique that allows to obtain very complex shapes.

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In the case of these cages it is possible to simulate the structure of the bone trabeculae which, suitably sized and spaced, stimulate bone regrowth through them thus increasing the possibility of arthrodesis.

unique design

Cage insertion

Exclusive patented rotate and push technique.

Cage orientation inside the spine always under control

Insertion process further simplified by the presence of a mock cage on inserter handle to identify in any moment the cage orientation.

PLIF and Posterior OBLIQUE Cage designs

Conceived to fit with physician’s preferential approach.

Simple insertion process

Easy to use instrument (inserter) to introduce, advance and place the cage.

Easy adjustment in case of need

Cage advancement through smooth sliding surfaces.

Wide cage portfolio

A variety of lengths and lordotic angles ensure the availability of the exact cage measure to be implanted.

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