The lines of inter-somatic cages currently produced and marketed by SPS are characterised not only by their innovative shape, but also by a careful choice of materials based on decades of expertise in processing polymeric materials and knowledge of 3-D metal printing techniques.


Polymeric material with proven reliability in the biomedical field.




The Carbon line in Carbon Fiber Renforced PEEK: carbon has an elastic modulus practically identical to that of bone with consequent reduction of mechanical stress at the prosthesis-bone interface and has a very low atomic weight which makes it particularly suitable in the case of radiotherapy or adrotherapy treatments.


The Titanium line, in trabecular titanium, is obtained by electron beam fusion that allows the 3-D moulding of an extremely complex structure that simulates bone trabeculae and these, appropriately sized and spaced, are able to stimulate bone regrowth.

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